Cookies are lines of text that act as IT markers sent by a server (in this case that of the site) to a user’s device (generally to the Internet browser) when they access a given page of a website; cookies, which can also be set by websites other than those the user is visiting (“third-party cookies”) are automatically stored by the user’s browser and sent on to the server which generated them every time the user accesses the same Internet page. This way, for example, cookies allow access to some Internet pages and/or make it easier to improve the user’s navigation (i.e. they allow saving the pages visited and other specific information, such as the pages consulted most frequently, errors of connection, etc.), or they allow profiling activities. Therefore, for simplified and complete use of a website, the user should configure their browser so that it accepts receiving these cookies. Browsers are often set to automatically accept cookies. However, users may change the predefined configuration, in order to disable or cancel the cookies (each time or once and for all), but with the consequence that this may preclude the optimal use of some areas of the website. It is also possible to check the ways and types of cookies stored on your browser by changing your browser’s cookie settings.

Characteristics and purposes of cookies
Our site uses the following categories of cookies, which can be from Chromavis or third parties.

I. Technical and functional Cookies:

a. “Technical cookies”:
These are used to make it easier for you to surf the site and use its functionalities. Technical cookies include "strictly necessary" cookies which enable functions without which it would not be possible to use the site in full, as well as “performance cookies” which allow improving the functionality of the site. 
b. “Functionality cookie”:
These let the Site remember your choices (for example the language or geographical area where you are) and propose them again on subsequent accesses to provide better and personalized services (for example, they can be used to suggest similar contents to those you have already requested).

II. Profiling cookies:

These are used to send advertising and services in line with the preferences you have expressed.
In particular, they are used to offer you advertising and services which are potentially close to your interests, as well as to create individual profiles according to your tastes, your preferences and your choices of consumption, as recorded during navigation on the Site or through the comparison of your activities through your browser. For example, they are used to limit the supply of a given ad, or to deduce the efficacy of a campaign by the frequency of views of the relative advertising.

Description of the methods of consent for the installation of cookies
When you access the Site for the first time, you will find a banner with a brief privacy policy that contains the link to this extended privacy policy where you will find more information on the cookies installed by the Owner and by third parties.
In this extended privacy policy, you will find more information on the description and characteristics of the different categories of cookies and you will be able to decide autonomously which of the cookies to authorize.
Your consent is not required for the use of technical and analytical cookies. However, you may disable them by following the procedure described in the paragraph “How to enable or disable the cookies on your browsers.”
On the other hand, your consent is required for the use of profiling cookies, which are useful for sending you advertising and services in line with your tastes, your preferences and your choices of consumption.
By navigating on the Site, you give your consent to the use of cookies, including profiling ones. However, you can change your preferences concerning cookies at any time, including not giving your consent to the use of any cookie (including cookies installed by third parties) shown in the following table.
It describes the cookies sent to your browser when accessing the Site. The table is updated to 22 May 2018 and any updates will always be published on this page.

Cookie tecnici

cookiebar Technical 1 month used to show the cookie notification bar.


Third-party cookies

_ga Analytical 2 years Google Analytics
Privacy policy
how to disable
_gat Analytical 10 min. Google Analytics
Privacy policy
how to disable
__cfduid Technical 10 months Used to guarantee security on shared IPs
_biz_ Technical - Used to guarantee security on shared IPs
__cfduid Technical 10 min. Used to manage animations
vari Technical various Used to manage the fonts on the site

The links to the privacy policies and to the consent forms of third parties, autonomous owners of the processing, through which you can obtain further information, manage and disable these cookies, are shown below.
How to able or disable the cookies on your browsers:
You can block your navigation browser from accepting cookies. However, this operation could make access to some functions or pages of the Site/App less efficient or prevent access.
Please find below the ways offered by the main browsers to block accepting cookies:

Internet Explorer:
Further ways of disabling analytical and profiling cookies:
As well as proceeding with disabling and/or cancelling cookies through the relative settings of your browser, you can disable and/or cancel individual analytical and profiling cookies by accessing the following sites: